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I don’t really know, it just kinda stuck..

it’s retractable!

criticism is helpful!

One thousand followers. I am completely astounded- I cannot even begin to express my gratitude! 

That kind of number on a silly ask blog I made for fun is completely mindblowing! My jaw is agape right now- I have no idea what to say other than thank you all SO much.

I’m going to work on some answers right now, I’m feelin’ the need to flutter. See you all ‘till then!

Thank you!!

How ya doing mod?

I’ve been doing okay.

I apologize greatly for the lack of updates. I don’t want to come into this unmotivated and pump out some bad answer that’s badly drawn. I promise I’ll try and update more frequently- but I only want the best for you all, and it seems that getting my best stuff for this blog takes a long time.

Thank you all so goddamn much for stickin’ around with me no matter the lack of updates! You all are what make me strong!

With their long, majestic coats, the Norwegian Forest Cat is a very loyal breed. Being one of the biggest domesticated cat breeds in the modern world, the Norwegian Forest Cat is known for being very kindly and calm towards children and dogs! Depending on what kind of dog you may own, these domestic cats could rival- or even conquer- your dog in size comparison. 

Be wise with how you introduce your cat to your dog! Do not force them to get along, make it a slow process, let them get used to each other over time.

Best wishes, and happy catting!

it seems i’ve followed the regular path for an ask blog which is never answer questions

i don’t know what to say, honestly. this blog is very inactive but i will try my best to get motivation and time to work more on it, but i cannot promise anything.

thank you all for sticking with me no matter how slow i go! i strong appreciate it, and you’re the reason i’m still going!

more answers to come!

Which ever makes you feel better, I guess.


((mod: time for 2 minute doodle answers!))